Usitall decided to halt negotiations with Romanian municipalities and refocus the strategy of the company towards other European markets

40t8lj2zizodrwdb5f1dxey1z8bas2zThe Swedish company Usitall, specialized in the development of thermal and electric power plants running on municipal waste, announces halting negotiations with Romanian local authorities.

Throughout the last two years, the Swedish company has had numerous talks and negotiations with the local authorities of many municipalities, to develop co-generation thermal power plants in Romania. As the developer of these projects, Usitall would have provided full financing, while the main benefits for the local communities would have been the generation of thermal energy at minimal costs and the elimination of municipal waste.

“Although Romania has a national waste management strategy as well as clear objectives set by the European Union that also set several term targets such as those relating to the closure of noncompliant waste landfills, there is still no implementation plan for this strategy which should benefit from  full political will and support.” said Mattias Philipsson, Usitall CEO.

Usitall technology would have solved two major problems facing Romanian municipalities: providing heating, hot water, and electric power at competitive prices, as well as safely elimination of municipal waste with minimal impact on the environment.

“Our negotiations failed primarily at the local level. Although municipality officials had access to all information on the Usitall technology for a long time, there has never been any commitment taken to our investment plan, despite the fact that our co-generation solution would ensure, in just a few years, heating the apartments in these cities at extremely competitive prices, by using only municipal waste. Unfortunately, at the level of local authorities, there is yet no sustainable plan to provide low cost heating in the long term, or concerning the impact of waste on the environment. Probably a few more years are still needed until these projects will become a priority, and when this moment will come, we remain open to share from our experience in this field”, added Mr. Mattias Philipsson.

To stimulate this type of foreign investments at the local level, Usitall officials believe that authorities should entitle municipalities with the power to decide how the municipal solid waste should be treated, as it is the case in all other European states. Usitall is a Swedish company with more than 60 years of experience in building and operating waste-to-energy co-generation plants. The advantage of the Usitall energy production technology is that it uses a renewable, locally produced, resource –municipal waste – which can successfully replace fossil fuels to generate heat and electric power at competitive prices.


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